In Today's Competitive Business World. Can you Afford Not to be Noticed ? ETISAL EVENT MANAGMENT: Public Relations, Conferences, Exhibitions, Media Marketing
Etisal Event Management and Public Relations is a leading creative services firm that provides effective, award-winning public relations and media marketing services to clients seeking to get noticed in the competitive world of business. We specialize exclusively in corporate communications, event management, public relations, TV production and marketing strategies.

Over the years, our global affiliates have successfully provided market solutions for our varied clients, building influential corporate brands and actively providing organizational solutions for their visionary growth.

Our company has strong ties with the media, both in the local and international levels, so we can deliver smart strategic solutions to all your communication needs.

No matter how big or small your ambition is, we are here to provide you with high-value and world class services.



Armed with vigor, devotion, enthusiasm and readiness to go an extra mile and make bold steps, Etisal helps every client move forward in the business world and gain competitive advantage.

Since our company has the initiative, potential, guidance and contacts to deliver ambitious results, Etisal is the ultimate answer to your need to draw attention and make an impact.

Moreover, our PR firm has expanded and diversified our services, giving you more than you can ask for.



The Etisal PR team acts as a vital extension to its clients’ marketing department and works in conjunction with them, to further help them achieve their public relation objectives. Given their long experiences and in-depth knowledge on a variety of markets.

When we enter new sectors, our proficient staff members readily get acquainted with them and effectively deliver the media services.

Establishing media contacts is certainly not a problem. Our team has successfully built a strong relationship with the media companies. In fact, many of the personalities in the industry are among our friends.

We also consider ourselves an integral and fundamental part of our clients. Our team can act rapidly and decisively, with accurate and up-to-date information. We prefer to deal with our clients directly, without any barrier.

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