Financial Brokerage Forum 2008

The “Financial Brokerage Forum” (FBF) took off yesterday with more than 200 financial experts, economists and decision-makers.

The forum is under the patronage of H.E. Eng. Sultan Al Mansoori, Minister of Economy, under the supervision of SCA, with cooperation from the FGCCC, and it is organized by Etisal Event Management

The forum, which was inaugurated by Abdullah Al-Turaifi, CEO of Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), will discuses financial issues in the region and the roles of the authorities and the financial brokerage companies in improving it.

Abdul Rahim Al Naqi, Secretary General of the FGCCC, said: “This forum coincides with the financial crises across the globe which adds to the importance of the event, especially since they threaten investment and economic activities as well as development programs in the Gulf.
“We believe that financial brokerage companies in the region play an important economic role in transactions in today’s market. Their participation has increased after the decree of the Common Gulf Market (CGM),” Al Naqi added.

The General Assembly at the FGCCC started contacting concerned parties since the beginning of the crises to have an event that would discuss this issue and come up with solutions that would reduce the negative effects of the current situation, hoping that would be used as recommendations for the FBF.