Mrs.Rajaa Essa Al-Gurg, President of DBWC subsidiary of Dubai Chamber for commerce and industry, commended the distinguished bilateral relation between the UAE and Canada at the various levels including commerce, business and tourism, and stressing that there are many opportunities that can be exploited to promote the cooperation between the two countries for the benefit of their peoples. Al-Gurg pointed out that the Canadian companies have a strong presence in Dubai in various fields including construction, trading and other fields.   
This came during the meeting between Mrs.Raja Essa Al-Gurg with Mrs.Hazel Macolin Mayer, The Mayor of Mississauga and her accompany delegation. The meeting was held at Mrs. Raja’s office, wher she welcomed the guests and wished for them a pleasant stay in Dubai. The meeting covered several important topics and the possibility of promoting the bilateral relations to advanced levels with the benefits of each side from the features and facilities which the every side provide to his counterpart, and finding the a strong structure for establishing a common investments projects that benefit them all. She Also stressed the importance of these visits and meetings that would strengthen the relations between Dubai businesswomen and  their counterparts in Canada, in a way  that comply with the role of  businesswomen in the area of sustainable development.

Mrs.Al-Gurg reviewed, at the beginning of the meeting, the emergence of DBWC under the umbrella of Dubai Chamber for Commerce and Industry and its objectives and various activities and its various achievements at the local, regional and international levels, and its eagerness to open new channels with various businesswomen councils to develop their businesses and to communicate with different societies.Mrs.Al-Gurg also briefed the guests on the progress of the businesswomen in the UAE and the important role she plays in advancing the economic development for the UAE and the distinguished position she gained at the regional and international events, noting that women form more than 40% of the labor force in the UAE and she got a great support from the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al- Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ruler Of Dubai, and she could develop her abilities and to benefit from the comprehensive development in the country and the several available opportunities to her.

Mrs.Al-Gurg pointed out the entrance of the Emirati women to business world which came as a result of the availability of several factors from the previous stage and allowed the women to break into this world, clarifying that the most prominent of these factors is represented in the increase of the higher education during the nineties and the interest of the UAE governments in Human development in general and the women in particular, adding to the existence of the basic infrastructure and the new legislations that encourage the to invest and to grow in addition to the governmental initiative which created more new opportunities to work.
From her side, Mrs. Hazel Macolin Mayer  expressed her pleasant with her visit to Dubai and the great developments it witnesses every year, and the big projects being implemented which make Dubai at the focus of  international community. She also praised the level that Dubai Businesswomen have achieved in particular and the Emirati Businesswomen in general, and the achievements she made. 
Mrs. Macolin mentioned that city of  Mississauga which is the sixth largest city in Canada, has many abilities qualify it to attract investors and business makers where the city succeeded to attract different investments either small or innovative investment or embrace regional offices for global companies. Adding to safety that the city has and qualifies it to hold the title “ The safe city” for eight years. The city also has more than 480 gardens and parks adding to waterfront lengths 22km.

She also clarified that there are many opportunities for a fruitful and constructive cooperation between Dubai Businesswomen and their counterparts in Canada, especially that every party is providing lots of services and facilities and investment opportunities for the other, which can strengthen the cooperation between the two countries and create other fields for the benefit of the two peoples.